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Personal Travel Companion Service

A professional and bespoke service to help you fulfil your travel dreams.
Tailored to meet your individual desires.

SBLYTH_PTC_Pic.jpgHi, I’m Sally Blyth

Personal Travel Companion (PTC)

I'm available to help you fulfil your travel dreams!

As a professional Personal Travel Companion (PTC, for short), it is my privilege to help you and your family to travel. We can make it happen.

With many years and types of travel experiences under my belt, I offer a Personal Travel Companion Service (PTCS) for anyone who would appreciate support, company, assistance and a guiding hand on any journey, anywhere, for any reason - within New Zealand and beyond. 

Alongside personally escorted travel, near or far, I also offer a range of leisurely day trips from Auckland, my home base - north, south, east or west ... take your pick and we can go on a pleasurable outing, in "Sunday drive" style, to suit your pace. Take a look at my range of Day Trips here. 

If there are issues that are holding you back from travelling – whether you’re anxious about flying, concerned about safety, nervous about travelling alone, unsure about heading off to see the modern world or keen to bring in some new dimensions – I am here to assist you make the journey you dream of become a reality.

You may have been thinking about travelling to visit friends and family afar; perhaps you’re keen to experience a destination on your bucket-list; or maybe now is the time to finally take that holiday of a lifetime.

Perhaps your son or daughter is living overseas but it's difficult for them to get home regularly to visit you, especially if they have a growing family. I can help - I can take you over to visit them! I can deliver you to stay with them and then bring you safely home again. I can be available to take you out and about on day outings while you're with them so you don't get under each other's feet, if you so wish. The main thing is, you get to see your child and grandchildren in their own environment.

As a grandparent, perhaps you'd love your grandchildren to come visit you - I can make this happen, I can bring them to you.

If you're a working parent and would like your children to have a memorable trip away during school holidays, maybe visiting grandparents, but you don't have the capacity to take them - I can help.

You might be a couple who loves to travel regularly but would enjoy some extra company and/or have someone handy to visit that gallery with your other half if you don't fancy it, or have a nightcap with you if they're too tired! I can be that person to help avoid a standoff or either of you missing out on something.

Maybe you have a small crew of friends, all eager to travel together but, at the same time, keen to have someone else take care of things and organise the schedule - that's me!

If you need help to make it happen, please give me a call and we can talk through the options. Anything is possible!

Ph: Sally on 021 480323


My travel experience:

I am an eternal globe trotter. With pleasure and purpose, I have loved visiting and exploring destinations near and far since I was young. There are very few places within New Zealand that I have not been to. Further afield, I have travelled to the familiar, the famous, the remote and the lesser-known. I lived in London for ten years during the 1980s and have travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe - and beyond - for work and leisure. I am a self-confessed Europhile and a Kiwi at heart. 

I am a group tour leader (for Maher Tours), freelance travel writer, artist, designer, facilitator, administrator and long-time committee person, amongst other things. I enjoy creativity, quizzing, skiing, food/wine, horse racing, languages and community spirit. The world continually keeps me inspired. Europe is my specialty.

  •          40+ years of travel (it’s a passion)
  •          40+ countries visited (there are 195)
  •          40+ airlines flown (I adore flying)
  •          40+ ski resorts enjoyed (winter is wonderful)

If you or anyone you know is keen to get out and see the world but would like assistance, guidance and/or companionship, I can help.

I can show you the places I've been to, or we can discover new destinations together. 

I’d love to take you where you want to go … and beyond!  "No limits ... New horizons"



Check the pages on this site for all the info - please contact me by email if you have any questions.

Or feel free to phone or text me - Sally - any time on 021 480323 ... I look forward to talking travel with you.

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Get travelling sooner rather than later!
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Contact me and let's make it happen!

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