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no limits, new horizons


BEYOND Travel Companion Services

BEYOND is led by Sally Blyth, who set up the services based on her love of travel and seeing a need for special support, assistance and the personal touch, particularly for seniors and solo travellers.

Sally has a team of Personal Travel Companions (PTCs) who are hand-picked for their attributes.

For more information about Sally and her passions click here (or the tab on the left).

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Our Framework

PURPOSE: To inspire people to go beyond their expectations 

VISION: A world of connection, compassion, creativation* and celebration 


  • Integrity: Operating from an honest, selfless, intuitive and genuine core
  • Heart: Embracing family, friends, the community and humankind with love and care
  • Creativation*: Exploring beyond the known to create the exceptional
  • No Limits: Stretching to the max for eternal growth
  • Play: Savouring the fine and frivolous - with purpose
  • Simplicity: Clear, transparent, simple and splendid everything
  • Vitality: Sharing life’s magic to the full


  • Nurture everyone
  • Care with confidence
  • Connect with people and the community - local and global
  • Create, Learn, Embrace opportunity
  • Give to enhance others' lives

*Creativation is my self-coined term for all things creative!