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ABOUT Sally Blyth

Sally Blyth, PTC

Hi, I'm Sally Blyth and I set up BEYOND Travel Companion Services to help people travel without stress and with as much love as I have for it.

I've always been a globetrotter, alongside a diverse professional career in New Zealand and UK/Europe. I've worked in a variety of fields including health & disability, organisational change, conferences/events, writing/editing, creativity and property.

Travel has been part of my world for decades - professionally, as a group tour leader, conference curator and freelance travel writer; and personally, as an avid explorer of everywhere.

With pleasure and purpose, I have loved visiting and exploring near and far since I was young. There are very few places within New Zealand that I have not been to. Further afield, I have travelled to the familiar, the famous, the remote and the lesser-known. I lived in London for ten years during the 1980s and have travelled extensively throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, for work and leisure.

I'm an artist, designer, facilitator and administrator as well as being a long-time committee person and contributor to the community. The world continually keeps me inspired. 

I'm a self-confessed Europhile and a Kiwi at heart. I love a challenge and welcome new experiences. People and travel are my passions. 

I have two adult sons (one currently living in London, one living nearby). 

I love to write - I've had many travel articles published. Find out more on the Travel Writing page.

I love to create - I've exhibited many artworks (current passion is working with ink) and have had 8 garments in the World of Wearable Arts Show in Wellington, since 2011. Several have been exhibited at the WOW Museum in Nelson. I've been a mask artisan for 20+ years, creating masks for clients around the world. Find out more on the Creativation and WOW pages.

I'd love to accompany you and ensure you have the time of your life! If I am unavailable to assist you personally, you'll be in the wonderful care of a member of my PTC team. Each PTC Team Member has all the attributes that will ensure you travel safely and in the best of hands.  Find out more about the team here.

Sally Blyth

  • 40+ years of travel 
  • 40+ countries visited
  • 40+ airlines flown
  • 40+ ski resorts enjoyed


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