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ABOUT Creativation

Creativation is my self-coined term for all things creative.

Creativation is: inspiration, innovation, intuition, imagination, motivation, exploration, creation

Here you can find out more about Sally's creative endeavours through the years!

Exploring beyond the known ... to create the exceptional

I have had a creative streak since childhood, but a varied professional career lured me away from focusing purely on artistic pursuits. Creating in some form or other has always been part of my life and after successfully selling my early "proper" artworks (in the early 2000s) I decided to concentrate more on my creative capabilities alongside professional work. Learning and developing my artistic style through my own observation, research and experimentation during my adult years, I continue to draw on experiences of countries and cultures I have encountered, and utilise the various skills I have built up along the way.

Hand created mask set

Masks have always fascinated me and mask-making quickly became a serious passion. For more than 20 years I have created masks for people from all walks of life, for all sorts of events, in all corners of the world.
Research in Venice, experimentation in my home studio, running mask-making workshops and creating unique masks for happy customers has been a huge pleasure for two decades. 

I scaled back my mask-making activities in October 2019 to focus on BEYOND Travel Companion Services. 

Minerva Maxima

Wearable Arts 
Wearable Arts is something I have been involved over the past decade and I've enjoyed success with eight garments in the WOW Wearable Arts Show in Wellington since 2011. I was planning to enter a garment for 2020, but alas the show was cancelled due to Covid-19. A real shame. Looking towards 2021 ...
I create my garments in my home studio in my spare time, and ideas are always brewing. Travel is endlessly inspiring.
There are many challenges involved in entering WOW - it takes a lot of time and energy to bring the ideas to reality, packaging them up is a whole project in itself, and it's not easy to get accepted for the show - and it gets increasingly more difficult each year, with many overseas entries and lots of garments being created using computer, digital and 3D printing technology.

I always have a vision in my head and love working out how I can bring it to reality. 

WOW is a wonderful community and I feel well and truly part of it. I go to the show each year and absolutely love the spectacle of it, whether I've got a garment in the show or not. If you haven't been - get along soon! Hopefully it will be up and running again next year, 2021.

The garment shown above is called Minerva Maxima and was in the 2018 show. It was also on display at the WOW Museum in Nelson during 2019. Find out more here.


Ink Artwork

I have created Artworks in a wide variety of media over many years. I've won numerous awards, participated in dozens of exhibitions, donated artworks to many charities and completed plenty of commissions over the years.
Ink is a medium I enjoy working with immensely and is the focus of current work. I love the fluidity and freedom ink enables; that you can have a vision in mind, yet often the ink has a slightly different one. 

Controlling ink in somewhat chaotic way to get a wondrous result is what I really enjoy. Texture and iridescence are important elements of my work and by adding subtle touches and embellishments, I always encourage the viewer to look beyond that first glance. 

Inspired by countries, cultures and eras of time (all tied in with my love of travel), I am constantly devising innovative ways to evoke a sense of a particular place and time. A symbol, a colour, a word, an image, an impression, a mood ... if the viewer can recall the feeling of being int hat place; gain the desire to be there; experience that moment in time again ... then the art has done its work.

I have learnt my techniques largely through my own observation, research and experimentation. I actively network with fellow artists, and spent time in France under the guidance of an abstract artist, an experience which enabled me to develop my own abstract style which is constantly evolving. 

If you're interested in a mask, a piece of art (I do have pieces for sale) or more information about WOW, please contact me.