"Yonder" - ink & watercolour


Creativation is my self-coined term for all things creative.

I am a self-taught artist and, when time allows, I can be found in my home studio overlooking the garden, fully immersed in creative endeavours of all descriptions. It's a small studio, and on a calm sunny day, my materials and I will often spill out onto the deck, so I can work al fresco.

There are several dimensions to my creative side: 

  •          Mask artisan: I have been creating masks for almost 20 years and continue to create masks for clients for masquerade balls, themed parties, performances etc, as well as special Artwork pieces, using techniques learned in Venice.

  •          Wearable Arts enthusiast: I've been entering WOW Wearable Arts Award Show held in Wellington since 2010 and am very proud to have had EIGHT garments in the show in a variety of categories. Four of these have been displayed in the Nelson WOW Museum and one received an Honourable Mention.
    NB: My 2018 entry was a finalist in this year's WOW show, the 30th Anniversary - called Minerva Maxima, created from 150+ lace and metal masks! This garment has been retained by the WOW team for future exhibition in the WOW Museum and other potential exhibitions. 

    MinervaMaximaSallyBlythNewZealand.jpg  MinervaMaximaSallyBlythNewZealand1.jpg 
    Minerva Maxima, WOW 2018 - Reflective Surfaces Section

  •          Artist: I have painted and created in many media through the years; ink is my preferred medium these days. I have exhibited widely, received numerous awards and donated many pieces to charity auctions and exhibitions worldwide.
  •          Writer: I am a contributing writer for Destinations Magazine ( and I write for and edit various newsletters. See the Writing page for more info.


My STUDIO is where I create pieces of art, visual and wearable.  It is full of treasures and overlooks the garden; it’s a place of peace, solitude and inspiration. 

My OFFICE is where I write, tapping away until the wee small hours if inspiration or deadline impels me to. I edit, I proof, I play and create with words. I call myself a “word engineer”. My office is also where I take care of all my admin, sort the necessary components of running a small business and manage my websites.

Both my Studio and my Office are happy places where, when I'm not travelling, I spend many hours creating what did not exist before. 

In summary, I like to dream up the unknown, as much as I love to learn about the known!

You can find out more about my creative work on my website. 

Creativation is:

Creativity – inventiveness, imagination, ability to create and bring into existence
Inspiration – creative force or influence, sudden brilliant idea
Innovation – bringing of new methods, ideas, changes
Motivation – stimulating the interest of a person
Intuition – insight and perception
Imagination – the forming of visions and concepts







When you're inspired and motivated
to tap into your intuition ...
Innovation and creativity will abound