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Here you will find photos of my travels, my wearable arts creation, my masks and my artwork.


Dream, wish, remember - then let's make it happen to go there!

This is a MILK Photobook I've created (January 2020) - called Beyond Doors, it's full of photos of fabulous doors around the world that I've taken on my travels. Click on the cover to see what's inside!

And here's a small selection of photos from here and there.

Norfolk Island, lemons in Sardinia, Chambord in the Loire Valley, Omaha Beach NZ, a door in Tunisia, sunset on the Murray River


Here you can view my WOW Wearable Arts garments that have featured in the WOW show in Wellington through the years.
Eight garments over six shows, since 2011. I didn't enter in 2015 and wasn't selected in 2017.
Alas my 2019 entry did not get selected - shame, as it was, I think, my most favourite one I've created.

This video is of my 2018 garment Minerva Maxima on the WOW stage. More photos below.

ABOVE - Hayfever Gone Haywire, 2011 Show (Illumination Section) - on stage, close-up detail, and me at the Show

ABOVE - Vivaldi's Muse, 2011 Show (Open Section) - on stage, detail and close up of violin

TOP ROW - Green Green Grass (South Pacific Section - Highly Commended) and Mexi-Kahlo (Illumination Section), 2012 Show
BOTTOM ROW - Budding Beauty, 2013 Show (South Pacific Section); Visibility Wizardress, 2014 Show (Open Section); Imperiana, 2016 Show (Open Section)

ABOVE - Minerva Maxima, 2018 Show (Reflective Section)
NB: Minerva Maxima is currently on display in WOW Museum in Nelson.
My garments Hayfever Gone Haywire, Budding Beauty and Visibility Wizardress have also been on display in the exhibition over past years.

PHOTOS: WOW stage photos courtesy of WOW; close-ups and detail photos of Vivaldi's Muse, Mexi-Kahlo and Budding Beauty taken by (thank you!); the rest taken by me.


Check soon for a gallery of images of my artwork through the years.



Check back soon for a gallery of images of my masks through the years.