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We offer a range of services to help you travel, your way. You go where, when, and how you wish - with personal support.

Personal one-on-one travel companionship
Uniquely-curated fully-escorted small group tours
Travel design and assistance

Want to visit friends and/or family? Wish to see your kids/grandkids? Keen to attend a special occasion? Got a bucket list must-do? Tempted to join a special escorted trip with a small group at a slow pace? Want to do something a little out of the ordinary, beyond your comfort zone, but in total comfort?

We may have the answer!

You may have been thinking about travelling to visit friends and family afar; perhaps you've been invited to a wedding or special occasion; maybe you're keen to experience a destination or event on your bucket list; or maybe now is the time to finally take that holiday you've always dreamed about. Or one of our specially-curated small-group trips, near or far, is just what you're looking for. Let's make it happen!

    Catch up with an old friend                    Visit your family overseas              Attend that special occasion                 Visit your bucket list destination

Personally Curated and Fully Escorted Travel

We offer personally escorted travel, near or far. It might be an itinerary you've put together, or one tailor-made in collaboration with us to suit your requirements. If you don't feel confident in going it alone, call us and we'll make it happen!

One-on-one, two people, or more ... we'll curate a fabulous travel experience for you!

If there are issues holding you back from travelling - whether you're anxious about flying, concerned about safety, nervous about travelling alone, unsure about heading off to see the modern world or keen to bring in some new dimensions - BEYOND Personal Travel Companion Service is here to assist you make the journey you dream of become a reality.

There are many variables and possibilities ... contact us to make it happen!

Delivering you safely to Family & Friends

Perhaps your son or daughter is living overseas or at the other end of the country and it's difficult for them to get home regularly to visit you, especially if they have a growing family, busy jobs, kids in school etc. I can help - I can take you to visit them! I can deliver you to stay with them and then bring you safely home again. I can be available to take you out and about on day outings while you're with them, if you wish, so you make the most of things - and so you don't get under each other's feet! The main thing is that you get to see your family in their own environment. It doesn't matter whether near or far, I'd love to help you all spend precious time together.

Maybe you'd love to reconnect with an old friend you haven't seen in years - I can take you to visit them. Getting together with a dear friend after a long time apart is very special. The years in between will melt away, the distance seems irrelevant, memories will be rekindled and the new bond will be there forever.

Escorting Small Groups of Friends

Maybe you have a small crew of friends, all eager to travel together but, at the same time, keen to have someone else take care of everything, organise the schedule and lead the way - that's me! I'll make sure you just concentrate on having a jolly good time, leaving all the detail stuff to me.

You might be a couple who loves to travel regularly but would enjoy some extra company and/or have someone handy to visit that gallery with your other half if you don't fancy it, or have a nightcap with you if they're too tired! I can be that person to help avoid a standoff or either of you missing out on something.

Escorting & Amusing Children

As a grandparent, perhaps you'd love your grandchildren to come and visit you - I can make this happen, I can bring them to you. I can entertain them when you need a break. I can amuse them when you are busy. I'll be on standby to assist when needed. You get to play an important role in life.

If you're a working parent and would like your children to have a memorable trip away during school holidays, maybe visiting grandparents, but you don't have the capacity to take them - I can help. You get a break. Your kids have fun.

Specially-Curated Tours near and far & Bespoke Day Trips in NZ

We also offer a range of unique and slightly unusual fully-escorted tours near and far. Europe, USA, the Pacific - I create a variety of special experiences for clients to enjoy. Each trip is specifically designed for small groups and to accommodate those with some travel issues. Check the News & Trips page for details of upcoming trips - and also past ones, so you can see what's possible.

We also offer leisurely day trips from Auckland. North, south, east or west ... take your pick and we can go on a pleasurable outing "Sunday drive" style, to suit your pace. Take a look at the Day Trips From Auckland here. Please contact us about day trips in other parts of the New Zealand.

I can show you the places I've been to, or we can discover new destinations together!

If you need help to make it happen, please give me a call and we can talk through the options. Anything is possible!

Don't worry where you are based, we can explore so you can get travelling!


Please contact Sally for more information - Ph. 021 480 323