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The New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald is Auckland's daily newspaper, with the largest circulation of all newspapers in NZ.  

I am a freelance travel writer and contributor to the NZ Herald and have had many articles and reviews published - both in print and online.

The Bardenas Reales, Spain

NZ Herald Travel Magazine

The Tuesday Travel Magazine is the most widely-read newspaper magazine in NZ. There is also a Travel focus in the NZ Herald on Sunday.

Peppersack, Tallinn, Estonia

NZ Herald Be Well Magazine

I have had "Destination Dine" articles published in the Be Well magazine of the NZ Herald on Mondays - focussing on a restaurant in another land.

  • Peppersack, Tallinn, Estonia, 30th February 2020
  • Marmite & Tire Bouchon, Noumea

Look out for my articles in the print edition. 

Online at www.nzherald.co.nz - search for my name and you'll find them.

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