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Ponderings ...

On this page you'll find my ponderings, musings, reflections about all sorts of things ...

As my mind wanders about the place, wherever I may be, I capture the thoughts that float around and share them here with you.

These thoughts and quotes are generated at random times of day or night. They may arise due to my surroundings, an incident, human behaviour, the place I am, the world itself, the people I'm with, news stories, random tales, a moment of madness, disappointments, joy, frustrations, revelations, observations, reflections of the past, hopes for the future ... so many factors!

All quotes are copyright © Sally Blyth. I'll keep adding as the Ponderings come to mind. They're in no particular order.

  • When it comes to pointing out a shortcoming to a parent about a child (which is always dangerous territory and only for the brave and robust and definitely not for the faint-hearted) - if that parent can't see the shortcoming of the child when it's pointed out and so obvious (why would it even be raised if it wasn't a thing?), then the basis for the shortcoming being a thing has to lie with the parent - for not seeing the shortcoming in the first place. Parent - be more observant!
  • I never have nothing to do - but I love doing nothing!
  • The only way to improve is to make a mistake.
  • Be the first to admit your mistakes and wrongdoings - not the last to see them!
  • Selfish: What's the impact on me if you do that? Selfless: What's the impact on you if I do that?
  • Reality is the truth - but the truth is not always reality!
  • So much focus on exercising the body for physical health - but not enough focus on exercising the mind for mental health. Stretching the mind is as important as stretching the legs.
  • Do a nice thing once - and you might remember it. Do nice things regularly - and others will remember you.
  • Exaggeration is for emphasis. Lying is for deceit. There is a big difference.
  • Hearing the truth can hurt - especially if you don't like it but know it's true!
  • Being good is not so bad. Being bad is so not good.
  • Be a child as long as you can - after that you are always an adult.
  • Validating nonsense that you know is just that is just plain wrong.
  • You can't tell someone else how they feel - you only ever know how you feel.
  • Despair leads to desperation leads to disaster. Avoid despair.
  • Refrain from telling someone about their own experiences. Stick to telling them about yours. They're different.
  • Procrastination will rarely enable potential to be fulfilled.
  • Hints, tips and suggested improvements do not equate to criticism. It's advice. Listen to it ... you might just learn something that enhances your life.
  • Mind tangle: the moment you know you don't know what you do know!
  • Anxiety can make you think all the hardships in life are going to come tumbling into your own. Chances are, they probably won't come anywhere near you. Let the worry go.
  • Hibernation: retreating from the world to regenerate yourself and return better than ever
    Reclusiveness: shutting yourself away from the world in the hope no one will know what's going on
  • "But everyone else does it" is just an excuse. It's not a reason and it does not make it right.
  • When things are going on for you, you can get tangled up in your own shit and not see the wood for the trees. Listen to those who take the time and energy to give you a perspective from outside yourself. It's different, and more often than not will be spot-on. And usually beneficial. Listen and ponder.
  • Maturity is: understanding your parents and what they stood for; appreciating childhood all the more because of that; and anticipating old age in a positive way.
  • Aging is inevitable. Grow old, stay young.
  • The death of a parent cannot be imagined, it cannot be described - it can only be experienced.
  • Make a plan for your old age when you're young so you don't end up a stubborn old bugger/biddy. Because, one day, you will be the child again, and your children will look after you. Everything comes home to roost!
  • There's one thing worse than a grumpy old man or stroppy old woman - and that's a grumpy young man or stroppy young woman. After all, there are many more years of them to endure! There is nothing good about grumpy or stroppy.
  • Language is everything. Without it there is no communication. Be conversant. Learn languages!
  • Diction is important. If no one can understand what you say, your crusade is a hopeless cause.
  • If your child is carrying on and dissing you and everything - tell them you hope they have children exactly like them. "I hope your kid never speaks to you like that," will hopefully stop them in their tracks! (And it's a better and more positive angle than saying "I hope you kid speaks to you like that.")
  • Be assured, you're not the only evil parent even if you child tells you this. You're just caring, like most parents who say no, challenge a request or want to know where they are.  Your kids will always be better off because you kept an eye and challenged what made you uncomfortable.
  • There is never excuse for bad behaviour. There may be an inkling of dubious reason, but bad behaviour never stems from great beginnings. Address things. Now.
  • Sometimes refusal is ruder than acceptance, even if you're trying to be magnanimous or humble.
  • Not everything has a right or wrong outcome - but most things have a good or a bad one.
  • Rather than hearing things you think I say, why not listen to what I actually say? It seems you don't get what I'm actually saying.
  • It's not necessarily what you've done that might be cause for consternation, but rather the impact of what your action has on to other people, which you may not even be aware of.
  • Sharp tongues cause much more trouble than the glasses of wine that fuel them!
  • It takes maturity, diverse life experiences, and a measure of world-weariness to truly understand the perspective of someone who hasn't had the breadth of experience you've had and can't get what you're saying no matter how hard you try. ("How do people not know that", may pop into your head ... but, good or bad, not everyone has had the experiences you have.) Everyone comes from their own perspective. Encourage others to go and discover and get world-savvy.
  • Adding quality layers to your life is not about the places, experiences or earnings; it's about the people you meet and the little improvements you make along the way.
  • Age is not important - but youthfulness is!
  • It's not so much about the experiences themselves as it is about sharing them with others and making people smile.
  • Some memories stay with you forever - they are snapshots etched into your mind. Others fade like a 1970s photo.
  • Happiness is: contentment without resentment & being truly happy with what you have and who you are.
  • Resentment is the worst feeling to harbour; it will never generate happiness.
  • A truly successful, admired and savvy person is quietly aware of what the world will miss when they die. The world just doesn't know it yet. Fame-seekers don't have the same gravitas.
  • There is no point in pretending a mistake didn't happen by justification and seeking validation. Hard as it might be, own up to the mea culpa and life will go on.
  • If you ask your friends to be totally honest with you and you are then able to, deep inside yourself, acknowledge and understand what they say, then all is OK. If it's completely new to you and you don't understand - then you have a big problem.
  • Karma will come to those who behave badly and don't give a shit. Karma has no need to visit those who see the error of their ways and work to correct them.
  • Mother to son, about driving, speeding etc: "The worst thing that could ever happen to you is that you crash and kill your mates and you survive. The worst thing that could ever happen to me is that you crash and kill yourself. Slow down!"
  • Taking care: honouring everything in your world with circumspection and prudence.
    Being cautious: Living with wariness and apprehension.
    Live life carefully, not cautiously!
  • We are born with instinct, not knowledge. Listen and learn throughout life, use your gut, and be open to everything around you and boundless knowledge will come. But never lose the ability to go with your gut.
  • Nostalgia: reliving the moment without lamenting you no longer have it, but also cherishing that you did have it.
  • What special thing(s) have you enabled for another adult that they wouldn't/couldn't have done without you?
    What special thing(s) have you done that benefit only you?
    Which is the higher equation? Which is the better scenario?
  • Loss and grief are insurmountable - unless you have the strength to rise above them, in time.
  • Life is all about perception: not everyone sees things the way you do. Misunderstanding is rife. Understand this.
  • If you focus on failure, how can you expect to succeed? Don't set yourself up for failure by worrying about it all the time.
  • On writing - if you write by hand, the words are captured as they tumble from your mind; when you type or text, they can be changed, rewritten and manipulated. Raw thoughts versus edited content. Each has its place.
  • Make your own mark, don't copy someone else's.
  • On walking: looking down is about wondering if you're taking the right steps to avoid trouble; looking ahead is about focussing on where you'll end up. As you walk, train your eyes to do both!
  • Not everyone is built to endure physical endurance; just as not everyone is built to endure mental endurance.
    Who has the most stamina? Who is stronger? Those with physical prowess, or those with mental prowess?
  • If you do something well, tackle it even harder. If you do something poorly, try again. And again.
  • The Importance of Being Me - it's a syndrome!
  • Money can buy you care if you need it - but care and compassion shown to others throughout life means care will likely be returned for free by friends.
  • It may be hard for a kid to hear harsh words from a parent, but it's much harder for a parent to hear harsh words from their kid.
  • Perseverance will always take you places. Patience will take you even further.
  • Patience is valuable. Short-term choices are generally impulsive, impromptu and indulgent. Long-term choices are generally better ones.
  • People have no issue with letting friends into their home to help declutter, clean, clear, sort etc.
    But people do have an issue with letting people in to their being to help tidy up their mind and soul. Why is this?
  • If you're accused of, or blamed, for something you didn't do - that hurts bad. But if you did do it, and it doesn't hurt, that's worse.
  • Can you say, with honesty, that you have never knowingly or willingly contributed to someone else's misery?
  • Are those who allow, condone and excuse poor behaviour doing so because it reflects their own poor behaviour?
  • Just because you did it once or "someone" did it or "everyone does it" does NOT make it okay. Take a stance, create change. Now.
  • If you reach the height of fame and become ultra-fabulous, the comedown must be so much harder than if you've just been a normal human doing normal things.
  • An eclectic house with soul showcases the real people who live there. A show home showcases the things within it and not much more.
  • Idle threats and unfulfilled promises denote a bully who will generally carry out neither. It's a weakness.
  • Time versus Deadline:
    A Deadline will result in the best use of available time
    Last Minute is rushed with things done in haste.
    They are not the same!
  • When the going gets tough, surrender without giving up.
  • Being a controlling person is helpful to no one and ultimately won't get the results you desire.
  • When you master something, it becomes a part of you. Quality and excellence builds from that point on.
  • Ask yourself not "do I need it?" but "can I do without it?" If you hesitate, the answer to both is probably no.
  • About obligation:
    - if you want to and you can, then do;
    - if you want to and you can't, then send apologies and lament;
    - if you don't want to and can, then don't go but send apologies not excuses;
    - if you don't want to and can't, then be relieved!
  • Whilst = although; while = but ... there's a time and place for both, but they're different.
  • Enlightenment comes to all those who wish it to - eventually.
  • These days we're more in touch with each than ever before - yet it's harder to actually communicate with each other than ever before.
  • While you are lying in bed with insomnia, fretting about the small stuff ... people are being killed, tortured, tormented, displaced, raped and persecuted during every single one of your waking moments. Shut your eyes and get the sleep that those people never will.
  • The concept of music is exceptional. Playing an instrument is not easy; it requires an immense amount of everything. Try it.