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Fabulous Taranaki Region

A personally-curated, high-end, small-group, all-inclusive*, fully-escorted tour on a single-price basis

This is an all-inclusive personally-escorted trip that will show you the beauty of this area in a behind-the-scenes way that will delight. Taranaki is a splendid and largely under-rated part of New Zealand which I know well. It's a go-to destination, rather than a go-through one and I look forward to sharing its secrets with you. 

An enlightening trip encompassing art, nature, heritage and more.

The itinerary is still under construction. 

Check back soon for the full information.

Len Lye Gallery, New Plymouth

If you'd like to visit Taranaki with a Personal Travel Companion, we can put together a special itinerary to suit your preferences.