"Stick Together" - ink artwork by me!

On this page you will find comments and references from people I have travelled with in various capacities.

"Any of you who have experienced organised tours will know that the personality and skill of your tour leader will have a distinct impact on your enjoyment of the trip. We hit the jackpot with Sally as our tour leader on a recent tour. Our group were all "seniors" and all set to enjoy ourselves however there were significant challenges for Sally to manage on a daily basis (and sometimes hour by hour) due primarily to the health issues of some of our fellow travellers.

It was easy to observe how Sally's experience combined with her confident and pleasantmanner was appreciated and readily responded to by both service providers and the tour party. All in all the trip was excellent and Sally's presence was definitely a key component in the overall success and enjoyment for us.

I think the thing that stands out for me is that Sally obviously enjoys people's company. She is observant of people and surroundings and hence excellent at trouble shooting. She thrives on new experiences yet has experience to draw on when things aren't as they should be. In addition she has a delightful laugh and a great sense of humour. Put simply, she is the ideal travel companion for any age."

Jenny Crowley, Palmerston North - Retired Nurse† (Maher Tours Queensland Winter Retreat group, August 2018)

"I met Sally for the first time on July 31st 2018 when I began the Maher Queensland Winter Tour. This was a two week holiday and Sally was in sole charge of eighteen people. They were from all kinds of backgrounds, some in couples and six of single status but all of retirement age.

During the tour two people had serious health issues that needed medical intervention. Sally responded promptly to these needs and made arrangements that included doctor's consultations, hospitalization and the methods of transporting them back to the group. She spent time with these ladies but not at our expense- she somehow juggled the two situations and kept in touch by phone throughout.

Our schedule ran like clockwork. Sally briefed us clearly and accompanied us daily, keeping us entertained with her delightful sense of humour as well as making us feel very safe and cared for. She shared meals with us and took a number of photos which she later shared by email. All in all she did a marvellous job as tour guide and inspired total confidence..

There is more to Sally than efficiency. Two members of our group had special needs as both suffered from poor memories and a vague sense of time and place. Both were liable to wander off and experience distress. At all times Sally knew where they were, advised them on what was happening next and often kept them close to her in a friendly and positive way. I feel sure that without her attention neither ladies would have had such an enjoyable time - which they certainly did - without impacting on others with their frequent anxieties and confusion.

Throughout the two weeks in Queensland Sally never lost patience or a sense of humour. Her energy seemed bottomless. The group gelled as a unit and much of that is due to her skills as a leader and to her perception of peoples' needs.†

A supreme organiser and very warm and caring person is my summary."

Jenny Clare, Havelock North - Retired social worker with the elderly (Maher Tours Queensland Winter Retreat group, August 2018)

"In August 2018 my wife & I were part of an 18-member organised tour group Sally led - a 15-day trip up the Queensland coast of Australia from Brisbane to Port Douglas. The group was†comprised of persons in the 70s to mid-80s age bracket. Unfortunately my wife became suddenly very ill and was hospitalised, only to be diagnosed with Influenza A [bird flu] a week into the trip.†A second member was also four days in a different†hospital with unrelated respiratory problems.

These two episodes were certainly a test of Sally's resilience and coping mechanisms! This lady can multitask and is able to handle any problems with calmness &†diplomacy, no matter how serious the challenge may be. The trip proceeded as scheduled with no one's needs neglected.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally to accompany people requiring support on an offshore trip, in either a group or one-on-one situation. My experience suggests she†displays impeccable credentials to successfully carry out her passion."

Ross Kerr , Blenheim - Farmer (Maher Tours Queensland Winter Retreat group, August 2018)

"Recently I went with a tour group to Queensland. Our Tour Guide was Sally Blyth and what a treasure she was. I cannot speak highly enough of her efficiency, caring, pleasantness and calm when things didnít go according to plan. She had a lot of extra pressure because of illness among the travellers which she dealt with magnificently. After many trips with various tour groups I can, without a doubt, say she was the best guide."

Lorna Satchell, Christchurch - Retired (Queensland Winter Retreat, August 2018)

† †

Maher Tours Queensland Winter Retreat Group, August 2018 - Magnetic Island

With_Mu-1.jpgWith_Mu-2.jpg†† With_Mu-4.jpg† Tahitian Cruise with Muriel, age 92