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My aim, as your PTC, is for you to get the very most out of your travel, from start to finish.

There are a variety of ways I can assist.

Planning & Preparation:

  • I can assist with planning and preparation of your trip, providing guidance and advice on any aspect of your proposed trip flights, itinerary, insurance, logistics, sightseeing options, engaging local guides etc.

  • If you'd like this type of support, I will meet with you (and family members) to go over all your ideas and desires, and we can create your personal Wishlist.

  • I will research various options in accordance with this and then make suggestions and recommendations for you to consider.

  • If this meets your approval, we lock it in and you get travelling!
NB: I am not a travel agent, but I have contacts in the travel industry and broad experience around all aspects of travel.

The Journey:
If you wish me to be your PTC ...

  • I can be with you for part of your trip, or the full journey. I will travel with you for as little or as long as you wish. It's up to you.
  • I can accompany you on flights, drive you on road journeys, help you on and off coaches, settle you onto trains etc. I will ensure you are on time, comfortable and that your needs are met.
  • Whichever part(s) of your journey you need assistance with, I can help.
  • If you need wheelchair assistance, I can organise this and escort you throughout.
  • I will be there for company when you need it, or discretely keep my distance when you wish to be alone.
  • I will take care of all your important documents throughout the trip.
  • I will ensure you get home safely.
  • I will provide a record of your trip - a write-up, photos etc, as a special keepsake of your journey.

Perhaps you just need me to accompany you during a flight to help with check-in, airport procedures, in-flight assistance, baggage, customs, paperwork, duty-free etc.

Or you may wish me to escort you throughout your entire trip Ill take care of everything en route, from guiding you through airports, helping with luggage, hotel check-ins, transfers, sightseeing, meals etc.

If your destination is not that far away from home, I can drive you there and back.

If your mind is in a tangle as you contemplate the opportunity to travel, talk to me, I'll help to give you focus.

If you have an unusual request, run it by me, I'll aim to help.
Anything is possible!
Let's make it happen!

In summary:

  • I will work to ensure your trip is streamlined and seamless, taking care of the details along the way.
  • I will deal with any issues that may arise; working to troubleshoot and minimise any disruption.
  • I will facilitate communications with family members and friends if required.
  • I will take photos for you to cherish.
  • Once were safely home, Ill provide a write-up and photo overview of your special trip.

Id love to accompany you on your journey and ensure you have a fantastic time away. Your way.

Ill take you where you want to go and Beyond! No limits, new horizons!

NB: If I am unavailable myself, I have a highly capable team of PTCs on standby to assist.

Just contact me - Sally - via email or phone on 021 480323

Let's make it happen!

NB: Please be aware I do not offer personal care (dressing, showering, lifting etc).