Actually, I call it ..WORD ENGINEERING


I love to write and have been writing all my life - from weekly letters home in the 1980s when I lived in London (no Skype or Facebook or What's App in those days) to travel articles, reviews and blogs to articles. I write articles for various newsletters and publications. If there is a purpose and a deadline, I will deliver quality written work on time. Even if there isn't a specific purpose, I will write anyway. I just love to write. If sleep didn't beckon, I would write all night. Deadline or not, I am often still at my keyboard until 1am ... 2am ... even 3am. If the words are flowing, I'll keep writing.

I observe and absorb human behaviour and note down my observations - nothing goes unnoticed! I have two novels in progress as well as a lifestyle genre book. I am always devising or refining a short story. I just love writing. A bonus is that I can type as fast as my thoughts are processed, this is very helpful.

  • Travel guides, narratives, reviews, overviews
  • Articles on a wide range of topics
  • Editorials
  • Press Releases
  • Citations
  • Bios and profiles
  • Write-ups/overviews
  • Submissions
  • Opinion pieces and thought provokers
  • Minutes
  • Reports
  • Summaries and precis
  • Family histories
  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • Business frameworks
  • Organisational news and updates
  • Short stories
  • Reflections and quotes
Publications I write/edit for regularly:
  • Destinations Magazine - check www.destinationsmagazine.co.nz and google my name to find some of my travel articles
  • NZ Racehorse Owners Federation Bulletin (comes out every two months) - check www.racehorseowner.co.nz - go to the News page and look for the Bulletin PDF links. I also write and update the content for this website
  • Omaha Beach Community Newsletter - check www.omahabeach.co.nz
  • Epsom Girls Grammar School Old Girls Association Newsletter (3 issues per year) - check www.eggs.school.nz go to the OGA page - I edit, write and solicit articles for this newsletter which goes to 6,000 alumnae. I have a wonderful connection with my Co-President Lynley Sheweiry and we enjoy bringing in new initiatives. It's the OGA's Centenary in 2021 - plans are under way for a wonderful commemoration.


  • Editing
  • Proof reading
  • Transcription

In progress three books I am writing:

  • Youth fiction (fantasy/reality)
  • Young adult fiction (reality/fantasy)
  • Lifestyle genre (creative kitchen culture)